Samuel Strauch: A Renowned Real Estate Agent And A Wonderful Person

Samuel Strauch has extensive experience in the real estate business as an agent. He got a boost in 2002 when he founded Metrik Real Estate, a consultancy firm for real estate business. And at that time real estate business across the globe has seen an immediate rise. One of the regions which have benefited from such developments is part of Florida, specifically on the Miami Beach. Strauch is also the current president of a real estate company known as Affinity International Realty.

Over a period not exceeding a decade, a huge number of condominiums erected in Florida region, with each of them having an exclusive architectural design. As a result, Miami has seen a marvelous transformation to become the most breathtaking scenery in the whole USA and also to the world.

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Samuel Strauch completed his bachelor degree at Hofstra University that was in the business sector.  In the starting days of his professional life, he had a brief period working with a large group in the operational department. The work was related organizing reports, documents, etc., and he soon noticed that his personality does not have any match with this. He felt like his skills are more interpersonal and creative side. And then due to his lack of interest, Samuel Strauch eventually joined his family business of Real Estate in South Florida.

In an interview, Samuel Strauch said that life is a lesson and the path that we shall choose will turn out to be an essential part of our growth. He added that sometimes I think about huge disappointments and bad relationships that I faced for being trustworthy and that I wish I had not been like that, but at the very same moment, I have met fantastic people by keeping an open mind.





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