Sam Tabar Has Seen All Sides Of Hedge Fund Management

Sam Tabar has a long history working for investment banks and hedge fund managers, and now he’s the Chief Operating Officer of an alternative energy investment company named FullCycle Energy Fund.

Tabar’s position at FullCycle Energy involves managing company assets and planning out the company’s financial growth. FullCycle Energy is a company that invests in waste-to-energy technology and endeavors to cut down on polluting fuels and deliver more efficient power sources.

He has degrees from two prominent schools in Oxford University in the UK and Columbia University where he got his master’s in law.

As an attorney he helped clients with business restructuring and underwriting, and offering legal counsel for internal operations and tax compliance. Tabar stayed at the firm for about four years until he was given an offer to join the advisory team at Sparx Group’s PMA Investment company.

He focused on business development and eventually global marketing, and during his time as a portfolio manager here he was responsible for launching a public offering that brought in over $1.2 billion in assets.

Sam Tabar went from Sparx PMA to Merrill Lynch in 2011 where he was the Head of Capital Strategy and responsible for the firm’s institutional investor programs. He was also the manager of capital allocations during different investment cycles.

Tabar only stayed with Merrill Lynch for one year before he decided to leave the investment banking offices. He became interested in venture capital and decided to invest in some small startups in Verboten and SheThinx, the latter of which is a female undergarment producer for women in third-world countries.

According to Art Station, in 2013 Sam Tabar decided to re-enter legal practice in the corporate field, so he joined Schulte Roth & Zabel law firm where he once again gave advice to hedge fund managers. He left the firm one year later and worked with several other startups until 2016 when he joined FullCycle Energy Fund.

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    He began as an advising attorney working for Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom law firm. At Sparx PMA he worked closely with Asian-Pacific clients in hedge fund and portfolio management. Sam Tabar has been a longtime corporate finance and legal expert. It is also another beneficial thing for a digital marketing firm to take the lead in making this thing come to pass and it is important that they get everything straight up with them as well.

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