Paul Mampilly’s: One Of The Best Hedge Fund Manager Ever

Paul Mampilly is a Wall Street mogul who also serves as a research and investment analyst. However, he has turned his attention from business dealings and is focused more on mentoring young entrepreneur grow and make money.

Paul started his business career as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust and grew up the ranks to become an investor in major multi-billion dollar companies. It is Paul Mampilly who made “Kinetics Asset Management” enjoy the advantages of the “World’s Best” hedge funds. He later moved out of Wall Street and focused more on helping others grow their investors and make money. Paul is known to give sound and solid advice to people who are interested in making sound business investments. He narrates to budding entrepreneurs how he got to such level of being a Wall Street mogul.

As from the late 1980s, Paul started working as a financial analyst at the “Deutsche Asset Management and ING,” before shifting to become a money manager for major banks such as Bankers Trust, Royal Bank of Scotland, the Swiss bank, and Sears. In the financial year 2009-2010, Paul Mampilly advised the Kinetics International Fund to accept direct investments worth $25 billion in hedge fund, which brought returns of 67% and 20% in the respective years, beyond the expectations of MSCI EAFE index. He as well directed expenditures for the “Templeton Foundation.”

For the 25 years, Paul Mampilly has been a financial analyst he has accrued a lot of experience in investment and has held almost any high profile job that existed in the world’s financial industry. Paul was part of the team that came up with one of the world’s biggest hedge fund, managing over $23billion in the year 2008. This experience enabled him to manage funds for very impressive clients such as the Templeton Foundation, European aristocracy, Swiss private banks and other Fortune 500 companies such as Sears and the “Royal Bank of Scotland.”

As part of his mentoring journey, Paul Mampilly gives financial advice in an 8-page newsletter that he sends out to its subscribers. In 2016, Paul joined “The Sovereign Society” where he works as a Senior Editor concentrating in supporting “Main Street Americans” gain wealth by investing in new technology and stocks market.

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