Bright Future for the Brown Agency after Merging

The Brown Agency is a young company that has been around only since September 2015. The business is a modeling agency that provides commercial to its clients. The Brown Agency offers a wide variety of talent options, in turn, provides models with good exposure many of the largest global brands from the industries of fashion, fitness, automotive, design, food, and many others.

The Brown Agency used to be called Heyman- Talent South before it was relaunched under its current name by Wilhelmina Austin. Two businesses two of the largest talent agencies in the state of Texas, since when they decided to join forces their capabilities as one entity.

The leader of the Brown Agency is Justin Brown. He used to be at the helm of the Wilhelmina Austin which started doing business back in 2010. Now that the two businesses have become one, the clients of fourth of the companies will have access to a broader portfolio of commercial talent. The Brown Agency will have an office building in Austin as well as in a few other cities around Texas such as Dallas, as well as have a presence in Los Angeles.

The former head of Wilhelmina Austin will be the chief executive officer of the Brown Agency working side by side with the founder of Heyman- Talent South Michael B. Bonnee. He will be on top f the theatrical division offering his many years of experience in this field.

Although the brown Agency has been around only for two years now, the company has made a big name for itself. It offers a diverse pool of commercial talent and it is known for its excellent representation of models and commercial talent.

The leaders of the company believe that they are doing more than satisfying businesses by providing suitable commercial talent. The Brown Agency represents a vast number of young people. They share a common dream which is to find realization in the modeling industry, become actors, and so on The Bron Agency believes that they are making dream come true by paving the way for young people looking to work hard and get where they want to be.

According to Market Wired, the Brown Agency is the only full-service modeling agency in the state of Texas. That gives the company certain advantage or other businesses working in the same field. Considering that the Brown Agency also has a presence in Los Angeles, the company has set itself up for success and streamlined growth in the industry of providing commercial talent.

Being a full-service agency means that the brown agency provides their clients with a full circle of representation in front of brands. The Brown Agency has global brands such as l’Oreal, Louis Vuitton, Toyota, Dell, and many other brands with models.

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