Ted Bauman is a Researcher Who Educates Others through His Writing

     Ted Bauman gives his advice on how to avoid losing your money in cryptocurrencies’ through one of his articles. When some investors decide where to place their money, they think carefully about the options in hand. They take time in understanding the risks involved and understanding the environment where their money will be operating through doing thorough research. These are the thorough investors.

Other investors are the gambling type. They are fully aware of the risks involved but they still dive in with the hopes of surviving. Then there is the desperate kind who act on impulse and need to quickly make up for their financial delays. The desperate kind of investors are the ones who end up investing in cryptocurrencies. Ted Bauman has been closely monitoring the cryptocurrencies’ and reported that the price of bitcoins was much higher than that of ether.

Despite bitcoins having a higher value, availability of ether is much more in the market. Unfortunately, since people do not do their research well before investing, they buy these currencies when they are booming, therefore, do not get any profits from them as they fall back to their usual rates in the market. This is why it is important to note that cryptocurrencies’ values change is unknown and investing in them can be the beginning of your end according to Ted.

Ted Bauman is the Editing Director at Banyan Hill Publishing where he publishes his work on the Alpha Stock Alert, The Bauman Letter, and the Plan B Club. He started writing here about four years ago. He writes about privacy, protection of assets, migration issues internationally and the protection of one’s assets through investing wisely. He currently stays in Atlanta and was born and bred in Washington D.C. and the shores of Eastern Maryland respectively.

Ted moved to South Africa for his postgraduate degrees in History and Economics at the University of Cape Town. He has over two decades of experience serving different non-profits in South Africa. He is part of the team that started the Slum Dwellers Internationals which is a project for low housing. This project has to date benefited more than 14 million people who live in different countries. He later moved on to research, writing and publishing work that revolved around housing, finance and urban planning that benefited his clients such as the World Bank, The United Nations and the government of South Africa. After a couple of years as a consultant, he decided to move on fully to research and writing educative material for his readers.

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