Fabletics Popular Activewear Brand for Women

For any company to reach new heights of success these days, it is essential for it to have a positive and customer-centric approach. Fabletics, a leading athleisure brand, has been able to meet the specific requirements of the customers since the time it was launched in 2013. It is one of the reasons why Fabletics has been able to survive stiff competition from other major players in the fashion e-commerce market, including Amazon. Fabletics is still growing and evolving but has been able to enter the mainstream market and its last year turnover touched $250 million. It showcases the number of trust people has on the brand and the success it has achieved in just a few years. In the last couple of years, Fabletics has also entered the United Kingdom and Australian market as well.


Kate Hudson, who co-owns Fabletics, said in an interview that people are looking for a brand they can trust for quality as well as affordability. While giving an example, Kate Hudson said that there are many brands on the market that do provide athleisure products, but their quality is questionable and the prices are way too high. Some of the leading brands are even giving something as simple as yoga pants for as much as two hundred dollars, which is not something many women from the middle-class background can afford. The membership-based marketing model has also worked wonders for Fabletics, and it has around 1.2 million VIP members, a number which continues to grow with the passing time.


Fabletics has ensured that it listens to what the customers have to say about the brand. The social media strategy of Fabletics is very active, and it continues to be a part of the customer service endeavor as well. It ensures that any recommendation or the feedback that comes in large quantities from the customers is implemented in real-time. The data-driven approach that Fabletics has integrated with its business model has helped the company propel towards success. Fabletics has gained tremendous popularity through its online marketing strategy, which is why it implemented the reverse showrooming technique recently.


It has been opening showroom across the country as a mean to reach out to a broader audience. The company has reported an increase in sales after the opening of showrooms across the country, and many new VIP members are being added as well due to it on a daily basis.


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