AIA CEO Robert Ivy Talks About The Influence Of Architecture On General Health Issues

Robert Ivy is The Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of The American Institute of Architects. Ivy promotes education, advocacy, and public outreach. Ivy seeks to help architects as they deal with issues such as sustainability and climate change.
Ivy received a Bachelor of Arts in English from Sewanee: The University of The South. Ivy also attended Tulane University, where he received a Masters of Architecture. Prior to working for AIA, Ivy was the Vice President & Editorial Director of McGraw-Hill Construction and The Editor in Chief of Architectural Record Magazine. Under Ivy’s leadership, Architectural Record was honored as the recipient of The American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award for General Excellence. Ivy was honored by the fraternity Alpha Rho Chi as a master architect.
Ivy is a proponent of living a healthy lifestyle. Ivy is proud to say that architects are working closely with the medical community in hopes of changing things. Design thinking may be influential in changing the nation’s high obesity rate. Many students live too far away from their school, so they are unable to walk or ride their bike to school. This is one reason why childhood obesity rates have risen substantially over the past 25 years. Research has shown that sunlight can help students by increasing their attention span while they are learning.
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Both medical and architecture schools want to see more training at an early age. The medical and architecture partnership will allow many new architects to prosper. There are plans in place for many architects around the country to create new projects in different cities that will promote physical activity as a way to eliminate obesity. Some of the colleges that will be offering design health courses in the future include Texas Tech University, Thomas Jefferson University and Harvard University. Ivy believes that there will be more programs opening in the future.

Professional designers have shown that they have the ability to influence the rate of people who catch a non-communicable disease through promoting an active lifestyle. Acting US Surgeon General Real Admiral Boris Lushniak believes that architects have a major influence on the future of America’s public health.

American Institute of Architects is a non government organization that holds almost 90,000 architects in US. It is founded in 1857. It is established to focus in developing and improving the skills of its members. They headquartered in Washington DC.

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