Securus Offers New Drone Solution

For the past ten years, Securus Technologies has been one of the leading providers in the world of telecommunications and security services provided to the correctional facility and law enforcement industry. The company has routinely come up with new products and services that help to solve problems that these facilities are having. Due to the success of these products, the company has developed a great reputation and today provides its services to more than 1,000 facilities located across the country.

While the company has created many great products in the past, it has recently developed a new one that has been very popular with facilities all over the country. The new product is a drone detection system that can help to solve a new and unique problem that many properties are having.

Over the past few years, many facilities have reported having issues with inmates receiving cell phones, illicit drugs, weapons, and other items through the use of a drone drop over an open yard. Thus far, it has been very hard for the facility to control these issues and drone drops. However, Securus Technologies may have a new technology that can help solve this problem.

Securus Technologies recently announced a new drone detection program that can be used to detect drones before they even arrive at the prison. When using this new system, a facility will be able to identify any drones that are in the area. They will then be able to determine whether one is on its way to the prison and when it is scheduled to arrive. The facility will then be able to track it down and intercept it before the illegal materials get into the hands of an inmate. The technology could also be used to determine who sent the drone towards the prison initially.


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