Who Is The Unicorn Queen, Doe Deere

“Beauty and Brains”, that’s a force to be reckoned with and Doe Deere is that force that has truly made an impact in the make-up industry. Doe Deere, with her bright, booming, and colorful style has made a huge name for herself. This “Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneur” deemed by “Self-Made” magazine, has made a colorful and unique stamp, in the US and internationally. Being artistic and creative as a child, she had to know she would be doing something that would show off her daring and creative personality and gifts for others to see. Having a knack for fashion and all things creative, she built a brand that has become known to many. Although not always glitz and glam, she taught herself, went to a school for fashion which helped her into the mogul she is now becoming.


Born in Russia but raised in New York city, Doe Deere has taken the world by storm with her mystical style and artistic nature. Her love for everything fairytale and mystical has shown throughout her products. Starting out, having her own clothing design business, she continued to go further with her makeup line to compliment them, not realizing that this would catapult her to something amazing! Doe Deere also known as the” Unicorn Queen” has created a variety of lip colors and various products for whomever and whatever styles they desire to have. Every collection of her products is daring and “out of the box” hence her fairy tale and mystical themes. From eye color to hair color, these products are rich with mystical thoughts in mind and all things beautiful; which was made to stand out and freely be yourself.


Starting her own blog and making a success and name for herself, this entrepreneur also inspires others to expand on their dreams. With the many charities that she is committed to, she hopes to extend as much help to those who are in need, whether animals or people. Doe Deere stands by her products name as well, her cruelty-free, not having any of her products tested on animals and vegan-friendly, that can be used by all who love her products can be safe in knowing it is made with kindness and compassion. She also has a desire to help people see their beauty. With the name Unicorn Queen, it represents individuality, compassion, and beauty inside and out.


Creating her business by doing something she loves has helped her and allowed her to gain feedback from her customers to help improve her brand; she takes that very seriously. Her desire to continue to learn and grow her brand will help her continue to succeed. Her many ideas for fantasy has consistently proven to work for her and will be in the future if she has any say about it.


To learn more, visit www.doedeere.com.

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