Ted Bauman Is Offering Top Notch Advice On Safeguarding Your Personal Info

In order to learn more about how to safeguard your personal information, you need to start taking the process more seriously. Ted Bauman is here to illuminate this process for all of his readers and this article begins with a picture perfect analogy.

He compares our personal information to gold, using the heist scene from the classic film The Italian Job to illustrate that point. We do not often stop to consider the people who would like to steal this information.

For example, Bauman is quick to remind his readers about all of the governing bodies that wish to access their information. There is a long history of privacy rights violation that has taken place in this country and he is here to help us avoid it.

Many citizens are unaware of the fact that the rights that they do have essentially evaporate once they have crossed the border into Mexico. No matter where we travel in the world, ICE agents have the ability to access our information. Read more at banyanhill.com to know more on Ted Bauman

Once the information has been gathered, the servers that it is stored on can be hacked. So what can we do to keep ourselves safe from these types of occurrences? The best way to make sure that our information is kept safe from would be hackers is by relying on file encryption.

This is when the information is turned into digital characters. From there, Ted Bauman suggests storing them on a home computer and also procuring a hard drive so that they can be stashed inside of a water and fireproof safe. Even if criminals are able to access the safe, the files will be safely ensconced within the cloud.

By encrypting all of the information that is stored in these locations, criminals are foiled before they ever even have a chance to strike. Should the criminals gain access to the material, they are unable to read any of the information that we hold so dear.

Instead of creating a typical password, Bauman also suggests creating a passphrase instead. By assembling a series of words with no logical connection to each other, we are able to protect our information from supercomputers that have the ability to guess our passwords.

Even the strongest supercomputer with the ability to perform a trillion guesses every second would not be able to crack the code. In fact, Bauman states that it would take a whopping 27 years for the supercomputer to finally guess the right passphrase. This is the type of protection that you need in your corner! To learn more about Ted Bauman, visit: https://tedbaumanguru.com/


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