Health IT Experts Such as Drew Madden at the Center of Predicted Change in Health Data Management

Health data management is an emerging field of the American healthcare industry. The field has witnessed change year over year, and experts from the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) believe that the year ahead will be no different. Although many aspects make up the field, AHIMA stated in its recent report that privacy and security, information governance, data analytics, and clinical documentation would witness immense change. Health IT entrepreneurs and information security experts are expected to pay closer attention to the mentioned areas.

AHIMA expects that the proposed provisions of the 21st Century Cures Act coupled with those of HITECH Act will change privacy and security concerns currently crippling the healthcare industry. Some of the rules suggested by the acts include demand for “minimum necessary” requirements, guidance on issues surrounding mental health information, and data sharing.

Clinical documentation area is part of the areas expected to attract the attention of health IT entrepreneurs and infosec executives. Change in the field will come in the form of clinical documentation improvement specialists (CDIS) extending documentation to new and specialty areas of healthcare including psychiatric facilities, rehab units, and home health. Such areas call for reliable documentation, and the move by CDIS is highly welcomed.

Electronic health records (EHRs) is an area that never fails to capture the interest of health IT experts. AHIMA predicts that experts will focus on streamlining the data capturing processes of EHRs, protecting patient-generated data, and bettering telehealth services.

Drew Madden

He is part of the community of health IT entrepreneurs that has revolutionized the American healthcare sector. Drew Madden is a managing partner at a consultancy firm focused on EHR platforms, Evergreen Healthcare partners. Drew Madden quotes electronic medical records (EMR) as his forte. In fact, he has spent over a decade working on EMR projects.

Drew Madden has a proven ability to drive change. His five-year tenure at the helm of Nordic Consulting Partners speaks to his ability to lead teams. While he accomplished a lot for the firm, Drew Madden’s ability to increase revenues stands out. The firms revenues stood at $1 million when he took over. However, at 2016, Nordic revenues rose to $130 million.

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