The career journey of Alex Pall.

Alex Pall is one of the members of The Chainsmokers which a known American duo DJ. He started Deejaying from a tender age as a hobby. Therefore the development of career was a great achievement. To prevail in the profession, he met up with Drew and started doing it as a career rather than a side job. The venture into house and dance music felt like the place to be which made their products succeed and end up being recognized by the world. Over the years, they have gotten several awards due to their perfect and amazing beats and production.


According to Alex Pall, they have been a lot of challenges, and it took a while for them to prevail in the music and art industry. The reason behind this is the fact that many deejays are seen as the backup and are always behind the scenes. To them, many had the perspective that they used specific singing artists which is not true as they are divergent and other than being producers they are also songwriters.


The band loves the idea of the world taking them differently and viewing them not only as the behind scene deejays but also to be independent artists. Therefore, they try to make their productions different by using various ways to appear as part of the music which has made their market broader and recognized as creative and unique.


Alex Pall sees the venture of being upfront amazing even in their careers. It has enabled them to bring a twist to avoid and often misunderstood genre. The dance music for long has been regarded as the type of music which is emotionless and specific. However, the ability to appear in their productions has made the genre evolve and perceived as one full of emotions and intimate. It makes it easier for the fans to relate and the songwriters to communicate and pass information in a better way through their music.


The change and the evolvement have resulted in many people enjoying the music production more amusingly and have made their audience to grow. Alex views this as an achievement as they purposed to help music grow as the audience enjoys and recognize them as artists as well.

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