InnovaCare Health Trains Physicians to be the best Doctors for the Unique needs to Puerto Rico

InnovaCare Health has a very seasoned management team that has worked in the various healthcare environments nationally as well as locally and that brings in a lot of experience they’re able to draw on to be creative in the way that the approach things in the organization itself. Rather than taking on just footprints of previous experience in the States they spend a lot of time trying to understand the environment that they work in understanding the culture that they’re working with and so they’re able to modify their approach it allows an easier adoption and allows an easier understanding a collaboration between an organization.


With the providers that are already in the community and the members that may be first introduced to us in the early 2000 they acquired a helpline in Puerto Rico and it was during that time that they started to learn more about the tools lot from people that are on government subsidized healthcare and through that are they started to learn more above that population how to manage and they deal with adult population. There is an issue of education, there’s the issue of economics and there is an issue about just understanding clinical care and so they’ve built a lot of tools around so that would make it easier for the number to understand what do clinically responsible how to address the medications how to just visits with the positions and how to just deal with health care in environs are being stressed economically.


What would happen with the door population is that we started to build these tools for the providers so that they could appreciate managing patients and improving quality if you build a company of those rankers of leadership culture and governance you could succeed in anything though as a result that were able to engage the physicians through those 3 anchors that’s other a would have banners on a population so well and had such success with the dual eligible population. The most important saying that a health plan could focus on today what is the beginning to become a 4 star place and you’re doing everything right for your members means that they’re getting the care that they need means that are satisfied with the plan. It also means that the physicians are satisfied with a plan so really when you look at all of corners of what makes a successful plan were touching all those pieces and we’re doing.


Donald Trump met with Penny Kokkinides the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health to discuss operations. That they we’re physician centric which is unlike a traditional health plan, we focus on the physicians and we provide them data provide them analytics governance and we work very closely with the physicians to develop the care and skill set to be the best healthcare to better the nation in Puerto Rico.


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