The success story of Whitney Wolfe in women empowerment

Over the years, women empowerment has been a significant debate among many countries globally. Governments have set aside money to empower women to invest in different types of businesses. As such, powerful women have merged and have tapped into what was previously perceived as men dominated the field. The United States of America has been very instrumental in creating a conducive environment for women to invest in different career paths. Whitney Wolfe is an expert in the technology industry and has invested in ensuring women across the world are empowered by investing in networking. Whitney Wolfe is the founder of Bumble, which is one of the fastest growing mobile dating apps in the world. She has always believed in establishing a communication network that would benefit women by enabling them to share ideas. The app has received backing from prominent personality in the technological industry.

In just two years, the company has grown, and over 10 million people are now using the Bumble. Most of the people using the app are young women and teenagers that have created a social networking channel to share ideas. Whitney Wolfe is a dedicated individual with a set of principles that guide her to make successful decisions. Her mission for establishing Bumble was to allow women to make the first move towards dating rather than the conventional way. Recently, Whitney Wolfe has shared experience of how she was harassed after banning the sharing and advertising of guns on Bumble app. She introduced the new policy in March after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. The new policy affected some people, and they developed hatred towards the staff and the Bumble owner. She admits it has been traumatizing and they had to employ police officers to guard their offices on 24 hours basis.

Whitney Wolfe has been making headlines due to the success story of her company. In March this year, she was named on the list of Young Women’s Alliance and Young Men’s Business League due to her outstanding performance. The co-chair of the event Hal Williams praised the composition of the list saying it consisted of successful teenagers who have made an impact on the lives of many people. Her career path has been long and fields with experience where she gained skills for investing in the technological space. She was born in Austin, Texas in the US and her work has been manifested all over the world.

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