Review: Fusion on the Go

Talk Fusion has been around now for just over a decade by doing their part to help different companies become more profitable. Their secret sauce allows a company to use video to enhance their sales and marketing campaigns. Now, 11 years later, Talk Fusion can be found worldwide in over 140 countries.


What makes the Talk Fusion app so amazing? Simply put, their app “Fusion on the Go” makes it possible for clients to do their marketing work from anywhere. It can be purchased on the App Store as well as Google Play, making it available to virtually any smart device audience. The flagship of Talk Fusion though, is video email. Email with video embedded offers a much more powerful and attention-getting form of marketing for companies in the sales and service industry alike. Every bit of what Talk Fusion has to offer with their video marketing services can be performed through their revolutionary app. It has the capacity to work with saved or live video and will offer a variety of ways to share it once it has been uploaded.


Indeed, there are so many uses for Talk Fusion that company CEO Bob Reina believes that they have a truly revolutionary and multi-use product beyond corporate marketing. Their technology can work for personal use as well as business use, making communication that much more meaningful. Private calls, corporate meetings, email marketing are all possible outcomes of the services offered through Talk Fusion and their “Fusion on the Go” app platform.


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    Kathleen Ahmad

    If this is one of the information with this involvement, I think the intention with definite personal levels. From experience I think you may feel like there should be a way to communicate about some of the process to get some matters. Perhaps the services will just have to be gotten over with because all communication are working so this is normal for the company.

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