Contributions of Wes Edens to the Growth of Fortress Investment Group

The successes of Fortress Investment Group have over the recent years been attributed to the commitment and perseverance of Wes Edens. Wes has employed the use of his expertise in the field of investment to bring growth in the firm through the use of the best strategic approaches. He is currently among the co-founders and co-chief executive of the firm. He graduated From Oregon State University with a degree in finance and business administration. He has employed the skills he acquired in the field to see the firm grow.

He has always been passionate about entrepreneurship and he started his career at the Lehman Brothers firm where he gained more experience in the field before moving to BlackRock Asset Investors. Wes Edens has achieved notable successes since the beginning of his career and he likes seeking the counsel of other executives and employees when it comes to making his decisions. He encourages his team of employees to ensure that they adopt unique approaches when it comes to conducting the firm’s operations. Besides, he is also passionate about innovation and he is profoundly impressed by the modern technology. He believes that innovative ideas can lead a firm towards acquiring maximum profits as long as they are brought to life in the right way. Besides, Wes encourages people to persevere when it comes to business operations as they always involve downturns and many challenges.

Wes Edens is also passionate about diversity and he believes the act has profoundly contributed to his major achievements in the field of investment. Besides serving as a co-founder of the Fortress Investment Group, Wes is also a Milwaukee Bucks, a basketball team which is located in Milwaukee. He owns the team together with Marc Lasry and he has seen the fruits of teamwork through the major successes that the team has acquired.

Wes Edens takes about $54.4 million annually. He helped the Fortress Investment Group purchase Springleaf Financial Services at $3.5 billion in 2015. He has played a major role in increasing the total assets of the firm and he has been highly amended for his commitment towards bringing growth in the investment firm. His facebook page

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