The Notables Of Matt Badiali That You Didn’t Know

Matt Badiali is an American geologist who turned an unprecedented investor, entrepreneur, and mentor. He is also an editor of one of the widely read newsletters that give people practical tips on financial investments as well as saving. Matt Badiali is not mean. He uses his mastery of knowledge in earth sciences and geology to empower the young and the old alike. While there are those who claim that Badiali doesn’t know what he is doing, his financial investment and saving strategy, Freedom Checks have proofed them wrong. Through his well-thought investment strategy, thousands of Americans lined up to their various banks in the month of June 2018 to receive $34.6 billion courtesy of Freedom Checks.

Matt Badiali Education

Badiali is an expert when it comes to matter earth sciences. In fact, apart from being in the field studying and practicing businesses from the earth’s natural resources, Badiali has spent many years in different universities studying one thing, earth sciences, and geology. Starting with his basic B.S. in Earth Sciences that he got from the Penn State University, Badiali has vowed to dig deeper. After his first degree, he thought that it wasn’t enough thus he went to Florida Atlantic University where he acquired a Masters Degree of Science in Geology. Later, he spent another five years at the University of North Carolina where he graduated with a Ph.D. in Earth Sciences and Geology.

In 2004, while about to finish from the University of North Carolina, Badiali received a call from his friend, a financial expert who also has a Ph.D. in Finance. Matt’s friend wanted him to help him undertake a financial investment project. From this beginning, Badiali has been able to start several businesses that have proofed successful. Some of the businesses are in the agricultural sector, oil well, and the mining of natural resources.

In 2017, Matt Badiali introduced another business, a financial saving strategy that he called Freedom Checks. In this, Matt Badiali called on his listeners to save a certain amount of money for their future. Many people brushed off the idea terming it ‘fraud’. It turned out to be one of the successful financial saving plans the U.S. has ever had. Freedom Checks can solely be attributed to Badiali.

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