Betsy Devos and Education Reform

The latest news from Washington is that there are changes to school security for 2018 to 2019. The new changes have already been implemented, and many schools have been inspected for security in the past few months as new legislation has been approved. So what are the changes? Teachers won’t be having guns in their pockets.


US Education Secretary Betsy Devos met with school leaders and legislators to discuss new changes. She was appointed to head the movement earlier in 2018 when a rise of gun violence started causing students to be kept home by parents. The rise of fear and violence has only made it more difficult on Devos, who has been trying to implement educational reform policies since 2016.


Her fight has been a difficult one as many do not understand the programs, or at least, that is how she explains the polarization of America on the topic of educational choice. Most believe that educational choice is about public funding for private schools, but that’s not the case according to Devos. She has said that philanthropy has supported educational choice. She has donated millions through her own foundation, and she has donors like Mark Zuckerberg, Sam Walton, and Bill Gates on her side.


These donors have made it possible for her to support educational choice in more states, but she says that the most successful has been in Florida. There are more educational choice programs in Florida than in any other state, and Florida has a tuition-based scholarship program. This combined allows more students to get the curriculum that they want.


However, it’s been slow in other parts of the country, including Devos’ home state. While most believe that Devos doesn’t have education experience, she has worked in educational reform for most of her life. She even attended Calvin College for education when she was younger. Her mother is also a former public school teacher, which is one of the main drives that has caused her to fight so hard for educational reform in America.


However, many are left to wonder what will become of the programs in a couple of years. Right now students and parents have the most options to go to a different school than where they are zoned, but many are saying that the educational reform won’t last. Devos believes that time will offer new opportunities.


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