The Professional Background Of Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus has been able to passionately and fearlessly pursue his dreams since he knew what it was that he wanted to do in life. At first, he thought that he wanted to be a doctor. However, this did not turn out well for him because his parents did not have the financial capacity to support his educational pursuits. This led him to seek another career path that eventually led him to find his passion.

Before he was 20, Guilherme Paulus was working for IBM. He has an educational background in business administration and has used that experience to keep him employed with IBM for a little over two years. Although computing taught him much, he soon realized that calculations and numbers were not for him. Guilherme Paulus found the answer to his prayers in the form of an advertisement in the local newspaper. The advertisement was placed there by travel agency named Casa Faro, and they were looking to hire a traveling salesman. Read more about Guilherme Paulus on Crunchbase.

Guilherme Paulus jumped at this opportunity and soon began working for the Casa Faro travel agency. He was with a group of French people on the trip to Buenos Aires when he realized that the Travelers were bored and without joy. He decided to take the initiative and began to set up activities to cheer up the customers. This was met with much success, and he soon scheduled his next trip.

On another one of his trips he met a politician named Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. This man was fond of the way that Guilherme Paulus catered to the customers and offered him a partnership. The two entrepreneur’s founded the CVC Travel Agency in 1972. This was what he had always dreamed of, to start his own travel agency. His business partner left the venture only four years after its founding and sold his shares in the company to Guilherme Paulus. He faced many obstacles and almost shut down the company. His perseverance led him to guide the company to success. The CVC travel agency is now known as the largest tourist operator in all of Latin America.



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