Alex Hern: Definition of a Great Businessman

Alex Hern is one of the most celebrated entrepreneurs in San Diego. He has been in business for over 25 years and has a keen interest in starting small companies and selling them off later at a good profit later. With over 25 years of experience, the Alex has become a master of the game and specializes in incubation of technology companies. Some of the companies that he has co-founded with his business partners and served as director include the Inktomi Goldman Sachs IPO. This company has been an integral part in the development of search engines such as AOL, Yahoo, and the MSN.

Another notable technology company that business Mogul Alex Hern participated in forming is the Yesmail. This is an email marketing company that also keeps a web directory. Yesmail went public, and CMGI bought it for about $650 million. Another business deal that proofed Hern’s business acumen is the formation of the Military Commercial Technologies. Others that were involved in the development of this company are the Lockheed. Here, he served as chairman and added up as a Chief Executive officer too.

Additionally, Hern was involved in the founding of the ArcSight company. This was cybersecurity that also went public and was later sold to HP for a quite a good amount. Records indicate that Hewlett-Packard must have paid about $1.5 billion. Other companies that Hern has participated in include the Cloudshield co-operation and amongst others. Tsunami remains one of the greatest ideas that Hern has been able to bring on board. It is a platform that avails to users new computer applications. It leverages the graphic abilities of your computer.ern says that his average day involves 4-5 hours on the company that he is currently the director. He is optimistic and looks forward to making more milestones in the business world. He also asserts that he is good at multi-tasking and thus this has been a key factor to the great achievements he has filed in quite a short career.

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