Contactless Payment of the Future, PSI-Pay

PSI-Pay is taking the UK by storm! It is a contactless payment method for people on the go. Contactless payment methods, or wave and pay, is a quick and easy way to make smaller purchase via by waving a card or ring at the point of sale terminal that doesn’t require the customer to input their PIN number or give their signature, such as Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, Apple Pay and many others.


PSI-Pay was first established in 2007 and have prided themselves in transparency, efficiency, and clarity by providing payment solutions to businesses globally such as debit and prepaid payment cards, virtual cards and contactless programs. In 2014 they partnered up with Mastercard services to offer their card services throughout the EU and in 2017 became a Principal Member of Visa and are now able to support the Visa card programmes to help expand their business and dream of providing simple, fast, and easy payment methods. PSI-Pay members can deposit and withdraw funds, often in real time, from the local banking network in 44 currencies across 173 countries.


Contactless payment method is designed more for smaller purchase and the customer’s bank and country will determine that limit to prevent unauthorized purchases. Studies show that most customers in the UK use this for public transportation, coffee shops, and cheaper eating establishments. This is because normally those charges won’t exceed their limit and are normally an in and out situations. For bigger purchases, you are still able to pay traditionally with your card either in a store location or online and by inputting your PIN number, signature, or e-signature so that way customers aren’t limited on what they can buy.


Now is the time for no more digging deep in your pockets to get that loss change or waiting on slow terminals to ask you for your PIN number or even worst trying to find your checkbook to hand write a check while the line is backing up behind you. Get PSI-Pay and make your life easier and more sufficient today!


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