Taking a Look at Brian Torchin’s Successful Career in Healthcare

Brian Torchin is the president and managing partner at a healthcare staffing and solutions firm called HCRC Firm. Torchin, build this firm with the sole purpose of providing employment opportunities for those in the healthcare industry. Torchin is also known for creating several companies including a chiropractic hospital in Pennsylvania, and he is well known in the medical industry. Torchin and his company HCRC firm are active members on social media platforms such as facebook and twitter. More about of Brian Torchin at Digital Journal

On Facebook, Torchin is very active, and his page is informative, educational and captivating. His posts are about healthcare jobs all throughout the US, and they include links to which interested applicants can visit. He is also very active on twitter, and his feeds are almost the same as that on Facebook. He tweets about various employment opportunities with some tweets hinting at his personal life. Many media outlets have recognized Brian Torchin and his accomplishments since he graduated from the University of Delaware. These include crunch base, Vimeo and the digital journal all which showcase his professional life and lifetime achievements.

Torchin has various achievements such as creating a chiropractic office and building medical offices in Delaware and Philadelphia. However, his greatest achievement that appeals to me is making the HCRC staffing firm as it recruits and provides staff members to hospitals and healthcare firms. One of the most significant advantages of using HCRC firm for staffing your healthcare establishment is that the staffing provided consists of legit professionals that are experts in their field. HCRC also provides staff members that provide quality services and are up-to-date with today’s technology and practices. Torchin utilizes a unique business model where before delivering staffing, he looks at one’s culture and values to determine who best can fit that and then provides his services.

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