Flavio Maluf – A Great Brazilian Entrepreneur

Brazil is one nation that is highly renowned many ventures. Brazilian business world offers a full range of rewards for all individuals who can run them. However, engaging yourself in business calls for a great deal of vision as well as willingness or the desire and interest to take risks in search of potentially significant returns. Among the people who have managed to tackle advantage of these business opportunities in Brazil is Flavio Maluf. He comprehends that the business world has many opportunities and possibilities for even more growth and expansion. This is the main reason why he was happy to announce that Duratex and Eucatex have agreed to a partnership in their business from then henceforth. Eucatex has affirmed that they offer farm that is currently based in Capao Bonito. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Wikipedia.

In turn, the company will gain access to a highly needed factory in Botucatu. The firm will take the management of the farm with the aim of helping in the production of raw materials that are incredibly required by ten company. The Botucatu branch employs more than 200 workers. This company has the capability and the potential to give an output of approximately 200 000 cubic meters on a yearly basis. Besides, Flavio is very proud to announce that Duratex is scheduled to embark on the production of materials through a factory that is based in Itapetinga. He is convinced that this will be a beneficial move to his company and employees at large. Flavio is the president of Eucatex and has updated the Eucatex employees on the changes that are likely to take place shortly.

Flavio Maluf believes that it’s essential to make sure that his workers are always updated and clearly understands the policies of the company as they proceed under his governance. He has made a public announcement that his latest and modern business will be accredited by CADE which is a critical regulatory agency. Flavio Maluf and his staff members have high hopes that the new project will meet all the needs and requirements of both local and international community. This new project is part of his vision for the regional development that is aimed at helping secure a profitable future for the entire region.

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