Steve Ritchie Is On A Mission To Bring Papa Johns Back Up To The Top

Steve Ritchie has been a member of the Papa Johns team for more than twenty years now, so he knows better than most what the company is about and what needs to be done to repair their image. Steve Ritchie started at a rather low position 21 years ago, but today he has been named the Chief Executive Officer for Papa Johns. His expertise in all things Papa Johns, business, and his determination to lead the company out of their situation makes him the perfect candidate for the job. The former company head even previously suggested that Steve Ritchie was a good man for the job.

There was no time to wait when Steve Ritchie was appointed as the new CEO for Papa Johns and right away he drew up an apology letter on behalf of the company for all customers and business partners. In this apology, Steve went on to describe the actions that management will be taking to reclaim their former position and make amends with the public. Papa Johns is going to stay transparent about their transition as well as the actions they are taking to make the entire corporation better from the ground up. There will be no stone unturned according to Steve Ritchie and he will personally be overseeing every step taken to improve the company. Thousands of Papa Johns employees will play a role in the company’s development as well while they conduct a nationwide survey and gather feedback.

Despite all the loyal customers that Papa Johns has amassed over the years, they still have a lot of work to do in order to reach that top position again. Steve is working day and night to plan the next moves for the company. The entire Papa Johns organization is going to be working together to make the necessary improvements for their restaurants as well as their employees. According to Steve, not only do their team members hold valuable insight working at Papa Johns restaurants all over the country, but happy employees are productive and give back more to the corporation. Read Steve Ritchie’s apology letter on

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