The SEC Whistleblower Program

A whistle blower company with a unique team that has law enforcement experience with attorneys and analysts that are also investigators is one that is sure to receive the SEC Whistleblower award. That company will also be the one that has a great relationship with its clients and has a history of success due to the savvy experience of the solid whistle-blowers it hires.

When there is wrongdoing someone has to speak up and stand in the lead against that type of wrongful conduct. In most cases, it’s a courageous individual who is also a change agent; they see something and report it.

Basics of the SEC Program

The SEC Whistle-blower program makes sure that the truth can transform and safeguard the job of an investor and many others who are placing their money in good hands. Markets are safe with these discreet yet thorough and tough investigators. All are fearless and will not be marginalized or silenced. The voices that deserve to be heard will be detected and heard.

Successful coverage of securities violations need to be reported without any regret or fear by professional agents in order to make sure the truth comes out and exposure to wrongdoing is discovered and investigated. A reliable firm will always stand behind its legal team of whistle blowers who are seasoned veterans in the field of being able to even find a “needle in a haystack!”

The financial crisis that was global had a series of corporate financial scandals that had to be solved by private entities and that’s why in 2010, the SEC Whistle blower Program was established by the Congress. It was a way to enforce the way securities were being employed.

Program Specifics

Each year the SEC receives over 20,000 complaints. Those tips that warrant follow-up investigation. Only 2000 cases at a time can be pursued as it takes a good two to four years to come to a reasonable conclusion. And a fraction of those will be enforced with sanctions that are over $1 million.

Sometimes a whistle blower is looked upon as a troublemaker or rebel. As someone who is an outsider, but all should be protected and not abandoned. That is precisely what this program does. The SEC program uses the services of specially trained whistle blowers who are disciplined, patient and result oriented. There are only 12 cases a year that are accepted, as quality results are better than a long list of abandoned cases.

Once this anonymous reporting program went into effect, in 2013 it was realized that 89% of professionals within the industry would report a wrongdoing, a securities problem or similar type of issue.

It is unfortunate that there are still a lot of people who are unaware of this program and many feel that they may not be eligible to participate. For tax purposes and in order to receive a monetary award for participating as a whistle blower, all must eventually disclose their identity to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).


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