Securus Technologies Teams Up with Former Correction Officer

It was in 2010 when former corrections officer Robert Johnson fell prey to the dangers posed by prison inmates using contraband cell phones. Johnson had been tasked with confiscating the contraband that is routinely smuggled into Lee Correctional Institution, where he’d worked for 15 years. It was when he’d intercepted a particularly valuable package that a prison gang put out a hit on his life.


Early in the morning on March 5, 2010, the front door of his house was kicked in, and he was shot six times by a recently released inmate while his wife was in the bedroom. Johnson survived, nearly dying twice and undergoing over a dozen operations.


It turned out that the hit had been arranged and paid for from within the prison by inmates using contraband cell phones. Since then Johnson has retired from his career as a corrections officer and become a consultant for Securus Technologies, a provider of communication solutions for public sectors such as public safety, investigations, and corrections.


In March, Johnson appeared before the FCC during a hearing to deal with the problem of cell phones getting into the hands of prison inmates. Because there are regulations that prevent the jamming of cell phone signals for public safety reasons, the FCC voted to allow correctional institutions to use contraband interdiction solutions provided by companies like Securus Technologies to reroute unauthorized cell phone calls coming from inside prisons.


Securus Technologies’ Wireless Containment Solutions (WCS) are designed to capture cell phone traffic and forward only legitimate connections to local cell service towers. Calls coming from unknown numbers are blocked, preventing inmates from using the contraband cell phones they manage to smuggle into prisons.


The issue was brought to public attention last summer when an inmate used a cell phone from inside Evans Correctional Institution to upload a video of himself brandishing a knife to Facebook Live. The inmate, Jose Rivera, had been caught with contraband cell phones more than once.


Now that the FCC has moved to give correctional institutions access to new tools like Securus’ WCS, it’s only a matter of deploying them throughout the country. “While still disturbing, fortunately this latest news is just about a video,” Johnson said. “I pray to God every day when I open the newspaper that I’m not going to read another story like mine.”


Securus Technologies has spent more than $40 million developing solutions like WCS to make sure cell phones aren’t used by inmates in prisons around the country. The company is headquartered in Dallas and provides technology solutions to over three thousand public safety and corrections agencies that supervise over a million inmates in North America.


The Jeff Yastine’s Latest Updates You May Be Interested To Know

There seems to be a lot of online information these days about Jeff Yastine, the Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing. But how many articles can you read about him before you get enervated by boredom and the tedium of the effort?

You don’t have a lot of time, and that’s why we’re going to try to offer you here a creative solution. In this article, we will list down some of the information about Jeff Yastine that you can read without wasting your time. We will make it short, but sweet. Let’s start!

Jeff And His Medium Piece

One of the latest updates about Jeff that you can read today is about his article found on Medium that talked about his disagreement with the decision of Amazon to enter into the Health Foods market.

The internet giant seems to be everywhere, and Jeff pointed out that that it might be accurate to say that the decision of Amazon is indeed unwise. Right now you can see that the foods being offered by Amazon are of inferior quality and are always deteriorating.

Jeff also mentioned in the article that the innovation being offered by Amazon in the Whole Foods department is slow and is beat by other competitors, such as Walmart and Trader Joe’s.

About Jeff Yastine

If you want to know who Jeff Yastine is other than being the Editorial Director, you may also like to know that Jeff “JL” Yastine is also Total Wealth Insider’s editor. After joining the Banyan Publishing in 2015, he went into stock trading and began investing in the various stock market options. He also then became a financial journalist and investor who’s always in the know in the area of financial world events.

You may also find Jeff as the contributor every week at the Banyan Hill’s column, Sovereign Investor Daily. This is a column that tries to help investors get the right knowledge for their business and for the various investment opportunities they need to know. This might be the reason why Jeff has also won a nomination for an Emmy.

You may also remember Jeff as the PBS Nightly Busines Report correspondent between 1994 to 2010. In his segment, he talked and interviewed with various dignitaries and luminaries, including the most successful financiers and investors in the market, including Warren Buffet and Richard Branson.

That said, we can observe from the track record of Jeff that he’s one of the most productive, successful and creative investors in the market today.

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Academy of Art University: Supporting Artistic Freedom

New York Fashion Week is a platform that allows people to tell their different stories through fabric and stitching. The School of Fashion at the Academy of Art University held its 21st runway showcase in September. Months of painstaking work, sweat and tears were poured on to the runway for 15 minutes for the world to relish. Ten new Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts graduates worked together to portray their visions of the future of fashion and stories from all their diverse backgrounds. They had five women’s wear, two men’s wear and two collaboration collections between them. There was the use of traditional hand and machine embroidery techniques and beautiful prints inspired by the breathtaking San Francisco topography. However, the creative combination of different fabrics carried the day.

Different and Better but the Same

The then Sunset Magazine Creative Director, Richard S. Stephen, established the Academy of Art University in 1929. He had a dream to transform aspiring and discerning artists into industry titans. He believed in the ability of a driven person to learn the relevant skills to thrive in their craft. The current President, Dr. Elisa Stephens, has done an excellent job of keeping the institution up to date while still maintaining the founding father’s vision. Thankfully, they have maintained a position ahead of the curve, which is a testament to their selfless commitment.

Churning Out Quality

The largest property owner in San Francisco boasts a state of the art facility right in the heart of the city. The Academy of Art University has a faculty of industry professionals like actress Diane Baker and a well-rounded curriculum to give the graduates an edge. Today, the institution has more than 18000 students and is the largest accredited private art and design university. It is exceedingly proud of its alumni, frequently posting on their achievements, awards, and nominations. On the list of former students are Raven Simone, Lauren Conrad, Elena Slivnyak and Alex Snyder. Most recently, the Academy of Art University was recognized as having the top rank in online education and animation.

Reviews And Testimonials Of Newswatch TV

Newswatch TV Reviews first started airing in March of 1990, and since then, the 30-minute show that is focused on consumer news, medical news, app reviews, public service announcements and celebrity reviews, has won several awards for excellence in entertainment programming. The informative show is broadcast on the ION and AMC networks in the early morning hour of 7:00.

Clients who have used Newswatch TV for advertising purposes have spoken very highly of it, calling the network’s team highly professional and understanding when it comes to how they handle specific requirements and distribution. A headphone company by the name of Steel Series, which is headquartered in Denmark, stated that Newswatch TV helped increase their company’s popularity, as well as its revenue when they used them to promote their headphone line.

The show not only features a wide range of news stories, but in 2012, it began a segment called AppWatch, which is focused on searching for and reviewing new mobile apps that can be used on IOS, Android and Window devices. Their reviews on electronics are from both editorial and sponsored sources. The program added the technology feature to its format in April of 2011.

Newswatch TV is based in the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., but also has offices in Fairfax, Virginia, Denver, Colorado, and New York City. Owned and operated by Bridge Communications, a video production and communications company, the show won a Silver Telly Award in 2016. Its other awards include, The Gold and Platinum 2017 Marcom Award and The National 2017 Videographer Award for Excellence in 30-minute TV Programming.

The popular news and review show, which has so far done more than 1300 episodes, also has a social media presence, having started a YouTube Channel in 2012 that continues to have a large amount of viewers and followers.

How Malcolm CasSelle Is Looking To Revolutionize The World Of Video Gaming

The new thing in the world of video gaming is the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX). This new technology enables players to tokenize their virtual game assets, regardless of whether the game itself has that feature or not. WAX is creating a marketplace where players can sell and/or exchange their virtual assets with other players. This will lead to reduced transaction costs and players making a profit from playing video games. Eventually the people behind WAX want to extend this marketplace to include physical assets as well.
Another possibility of WAX is to fractionalize physical assets. With this it will be possible to own a sliver of many things, such as one of the cars that have appeared in a James Bond movie or a very expensive baseball card, such as one featuring Babe Ruth. There is a system in place called Guilds that are supervisory committees. These Guilds will provide regulatory oversight of who owns what and additionally authenticating the items that are up for sale.
One of the people behind WAX is Malcolm CasSelle, an international businessman who has been involved in the technology industry for several years. He has led a number of startups in this industry including Mediapass in China. This company was a joint venture that included Tencent, Groupon, and Xfire as its backers. Another company he has led as the chief executive officer include Timeline Labs.
For a number of years Malcolm CasSelle was one of the top executives at SeaChange International. His roles at this company included both being a Senior Vice President as well as the Digital Media General Manager. He is now the Chief Technology Officer at tronc, Inc. He is also an investor in the industry and in that role he was one of the earliest investors in a number of now well-known companies such as Zynga and Facebook. He has more recently invested in companies involved with Bitcoin.
Malcolm CasSelle went to college at both the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford. He holds multiple degrees in computer science and, additionally, learned to fluently speak both Mandarin and Chinese.

NewsWatch TV Reviews:

NewsWatch is a popular Television program that covers a variety of topics as well as news stories. NewsWatch discusses concerning latest Technology trends, Consumer information, editorials as well as latest news on Celebrities. In addition, the station has now added a segment devoted to informing the public on the latest mobile app reviews. NewsWatch has won several awards for its news reporting style as well as its quality and depth of the topics covered.

NewsWatch first hit the airways over twenty five years ago. In addition to the wide range of news coverage, the station keeps the public informed with Video News releases as well as Public Service announcements. The morning news segment is reported in the AMC Network. Newswatch is headquartered out of Washington DC. However, Newswatch also has affiliate stations which is solely owned by Bridge Communications Network.

*NewsWatch Personalities:

Michelle Ison and Susan Bridges are regulars on the station. These two ladies seem to bring a certain style and professionalism to NewsWatch. The station has won numerous awards over the past two decades. NewsWatch received the Marcum Award for Excellence in 2017. The Marcum Award was given for recognition of the stations informational as well as entertaining 30 minute television show.

The Silver telly Award was also given to NewsWatch for recognition of the wide variety of interesting topics covered within their television segment. In addition, NewsWatch was now recognized as an Entertainment as well as an Consumer based show.

The Network has come a long way since 1990. When NewsWatch first aired, the entire 30 minute segment was devoted to covering Financial and Trading news only. Therefore the Network had a limited viewing audience. However, once NewsWatch began to incorporate new and interesting news stories the viewing audience grew significantly. Once the viewing audience began to expand the ratings were quite favorable.

Finally, NewsWatch seems to offer the kind of news and entertainment that the public is seeking. The Television show always seem to be well organized and the material seems to continually improve over time.

Ted Bauman is a Researcher Who Educates Others through His Writing

     Ted Bauman gives his advice on how to avoid losing your money in cryptocurrencies’ through one of his articles. When some investors decide where to place their money, they think carefully about the options in hand. They take time in understanding the risks involved and understanding the environment where their money will be operating through doing thorough research. These are the thorough investors.

Other investors are the gambling type. They are fully aware of the risks involved but they still dive in with the hopes of surviving. Then there is the desperate kind who act on impulse and need to quickly make up for their financial delays. The desperate kind of investors are the ones who end up investing in cryptocurrencies. Ted Bauman has been closely monitoring the cryptocurrencies’ and reported that the price of bitcoins was much higher than that of ether.

Despite bitcoins having a higher value, availability of ether is much more in the market. Unfortunately, since people do not do their research well before investing, they buy these currencies when they are booming, therefore, do not get any profits from them as they fall back to their usual rates in the market. This is why it is important to note that cryptocurrencies’ values change is unknown and investing in them can be the beginning of your end according to Ted.

Ted Bauman is the Editing Director at Banyan Hill Publishing where he publishes his work on the Alpha Stock Alert, The Bauman Letter, and the Plan B Club. He started writing here about four years ago. He writes about privacy, protection of assets, migration issues internationally and the protection of one’s assets through investing wisely. He currently stays in Atlanta and was born and bred in Washington D.C. and the shores of Eastern Maryland respectively.

Ted moved to South Africa for his postgraduate degrees in History and Economics at the University of Cape Town. He has over two decades of experience serving different non-profits in South Africa. He is part of the team that started the Slum Dwellers Internationals which is a project for low housing. This project has to date benefited more than 14 million people who live in different countries. He later moved on to research, writing and publishing work that revolved around housing, finance and urban planning that benefited his clients such as the World Bank, The United Nations and the government of South Africa. After a couple of years as a consultant, he decided to move on fully to research and writing educative material for his readers.

Superb Services Offered By Sussex Healthcare

Sussex healthcare is different from other from other residential programs because of the excellent stuff in the facilities. It prioritizes the patient’s quality life by offering a healthy diet for the wellness of the patients. Meals are made with fresh local ingredients. It also provides countless recreational and educational activities around the local community.

Sussex healthcare offers cutting-edge services for individuals who are experiencing neurological conditions, multiple sclerosis, dementia, various types of brain injuries and multiple disabilities.It provides services for the elderly who require frequent care.

It offers accommodation, meals, social activities and personalized specialty care for conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The older patients have access to reflexology, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy.

Specialized care for Adults with disabilities through its suitable facilities which feature spa pools, track hoisting and melodious rooms to offer pleasure and contain younger grown-ups with a wide range of learning and physical disabilities.

Different levels of staffing are placed in varying homes concerning the needs of the patients. Most of the facilities are under 24-hour nursing support and specialist providers.

The Healthcare nurses and doctors operate under the Gold Standard Framework for End of Life Care to help patients in critical conditions manage their pain and struggles. All homes offer a short stay for relaxation and apprehension accompanied by a remote future for intoxicant people and individuals with chronic diseases.

The healthcare organizes activities that help the residents complete many types of quizzes to help them improve memory and stimulate critical thinking. The tests include exciting questions involving history, geography, recently entertaining activities and different kinds of music.This type of fun quizzes can boost the production of many kinds of neurotransmitters and assist the formation of new neurons.

Sussex healthcare has a fitness center which has a gym, stationary bikes, treadmills, elliptical trainers, free weights and machines with cables. The patients can participate in group classes that help in improving endurance and increasing the person’s reaction time.

Sussex promotes a pleasure-loving sanitarium and a pool which offers activities related to hydrotherapy, different sessions that help to decrease stiffness and reduce soreness. Manicure, pedicures and numerous types of massages that help in reducing tension in the patients and guests.

The business manages 20 sizeable homes where people with different health conditions are well-taken care off. It has the countless equipment to facilitate therapies and different health procedures for various diseases. All patients are encouraged to feel at home and relax their minds for them to get over the unhealthy conditions.

James Larkin

James Larkin is a historical hero, a man who made a difference. He is known for establishing the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union. James was born January 21, 1876, in Liverpool, England.

He was the second oldest son of Irish emigrants, and had little education. At just the young age of seven, he began to work in the afternoons after school to supplement the family income. For two years, after his father passed away, he was apprenticed to the same firm his father worked for.

After being dismissed, James lived without a job for a time but was able to begin work as a sailor and docker. He had an interest in socialism and in 1893 became part of the Independence Labor Party.

When a strike occurred on the docks, dew to foremen feeling treated unjust, James was one of the few that took part. Losing his foreman job on the docks, he was appointed as organizer with the National Union of Dock Laborers. With his new position and found purpose, he was sent to Scotland to campaign against Chinese Immigration.

James stood for fair conditions for workers. He wanted skilled and unskilled workers to be able to belong to one union that would benefit all of them. In 1907, he was sent to Dublin, where he founded the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

This gave the outline of an eight hour days, pensions for workers at 60 years of age, nationalization of canals and railways, etc. But this was only the beginning for James. In 1913, Ireland’s largest and most significant dispute in history happened, The Dublin Lock Out.

This industrial strike included around 20,000 workers and lasted for several months. The Dublin United Tramway Company is where the strike begun. Tram car men and conductors abandoned their vehicles, and though the company chairman had a plan and had things moving only 40 minutes later, trams would not venture out at night for fear of stoning.

It only took a few days for things to run normally again because James only had 200 of the 800 employees on his side. The aftermath of this strike has left a historical day called Bloody Sunday, August 31, 1913. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

Rioting began the night before, fueled by the failure to stop the tram service and Jame’s speech. By the next morning, between 400 to 600 people were injured due to the Dublin Metropolitan Police and Royal Irish Constabulary.

After the the Dublin Lock out ended, James headed to the United States. Here he became a member of the Socialist Party of America. Again, James made a name for himself, supporting the Soviet Union, getting kicked out of the Socialist Party of America and getting arrested for criminal anarchy.

James returned to Ireland in 1923, receiving the welcoming of a hero and becoming involved in appealing the end of the Irish Civil War. In September of 1923, he formed the Irish Worker League, which was later recognized as the Irish section of the world communist movement.

James Larkin passed away on January 30, 1947, in his sleep in the hospital he was in. Thousands lined the streets on the day of his mass as his hearse passed through. To this day, a statue called Big Jim, stands on O’Connell Street in Dublin.

Eli Gershkovitch Excels at Craft Beer Brewing in Canada

Craft beer is one of the most popular drinks in Canada today. It has been playing a significant role when it comes to the revenue growth in this country. Sometime back, craft beers were produced by microbrewers. But with the increase in consumption and love for them, a significant number of microbrewers have pocketed good income that has helped them to grow exponentially in the past years.


The growth of craft beers has brought about the introduction of many different flavors and types of craft beers ( Some of the most prominent brands existing today include Red Racer Pale Ale beer that is Brewed by Central City Brewing, Weissbier beer which is Brewed by Denison’s Brewing Company, and Glutenberg Belgian Double beer which is Brewed by Brasseurs Sans Gluten among many others.


Most learned people especially lawyers prefer to dedicate their lives to their careers. However, this is very different when it comes to Eli Gershkovitch the CEO of Steam Works Craft Breweries who is also a pilot. With a degree in law, he chooses to focus on a slightly different career path altogether. Eli Gershkovitch prefers to focus his passion, energy, and ideology to creating something of value. His style makes him a machine rather than the grease in it which makes everything work.


Eli Gershkovitch passion for craft beer is dated back to the year 1987 after he graduated from law school ( His passion for the beer was ignited after he tasted Belgium beer while on a tour in Europe. He instantly desired to create a taste of his own and satisfy his passion. With his passion for and driving force, Eli Gershkovitch has taken the Canadian craft beer brewing to another level.


Eli Gershkovitch dedication on brewing top-notch craft beer in Canada brought about recognition of craft beer brewing in Canada into a spotlight. Most craft beer brewers have been invited to participate in some of the competitions organized to make brewers recognizable in the brewing business. Eli Gershkovitch was recognized and emerged a winner in one of the competitions as one of the best craft beer entrepreneurs.

More about Eli Gershkovitch on LinkedIn and Facebook