Troy McQuagge of USHA

There’s Superman, Batman, and then there’s Troy McQuagge. Here’s a guy who truly knows what it means to be the change he would like to see in the world and has inspired many to make a difference as well. USHEALTH Advisors, or USHA has been around for awhile, helping people all over the country. When Troy joined the team, things truly started to pick up.

The HOPE project, Helping Other People Everyday was founded in 2010 and spreading hope is exactly what he and his team do for a living. Currently the CEO and President, Troy has partnered with many organizations who do similar work for the people.

He and his team were spotted in New Orleans with the Phoenix of New Orleans organization assisting with cleanup during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The storm ravished city was no match for his team as they assisted with clean up and donations. Items such as food, shoes and clothes were handed out to those in need.

Phoenix, Arizona is another city where the help of Troy McQuagge is greatly received. The Crisis Nursery is a non profit organization which provides housing for children in need. USHA helped the organization raise thousands of dollars to provide the children with brand new clothes, food, and much more. It is small acts of service just like this that make the most difference.

There are so many people from different backgrounds all over the world who are in need of aid and understanding. In Florida, Troy partnered with The Brevard County Homes for Warriors Project. This project assists those with a military background in finding a home. Volunteers helped with cleanup and demolition in order to get a home move in ready for a needy family.

Troy McQuagge son inspires others to make a difference in their communities by lending a hand whenever they can. There are several assistance and volunteer programs in communities all over the world in which to be apart of. All those interested in making a difference can take a look at his website for more information on how to help. Read more: